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What is a Licensed Midwife?

A Licensed Midwife is licensed by her/his state or province as a community-based practitioner who provides independent, comprehensive, holistic, individualized midwifery care through prenatal care and birthing services to low risk patients.

Constituting 95% of Florida's home birth practitioners, historically, Licensed Midwives have been home birth and birth center practitioners. However, today’s Licensed Midwives can be integrated effectively and efficiently into any health clinic or hospital setting. They serve as maternal health care team members for patients with at-risk pregnancies; complimenting services provided by obstetricians and other maternal health care practitioners.

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Does Insurance Cover Your Services?
According to Florida law, it is mandatory for most insurance companies to cover midwifery care.  Payments will depend on your specific plans coverage and out of network benefits detail. We accept BCBS / Florida Blue at the in-network level.  Other insurance carriers include UHC, Aetna and Cigna at the out-of-network level.  Since we are the only freestanding birth center/midwifery group in Lake County, we can assist families with these plans obtain an In Network Exception in most cases.

Do you Accept Medicaid?
Yes...We accept Pregnancy Medicaid as well as Sunshine Health and Staywell MMA plans.

What about the Birth Certificate and SSN?

A birth certificate and application for social security number will be filed with Vital Statistics for your baby within 5 days after the birth. We will give you the appropriate forms to receive your certified copy of the birth certificate.

Is Out of Hospital Birth Safe?
Healthy childbirth is a natural, normal process which can be safely attended at home by a trained professional midwife. Throughout most of the world, and most of history, women have labored and birthed with midwives. It is only in the last few decades that birth has become medicalized; and it has become common to birth in a hospital setting with a doctor. Birth is a natural process, not a sickness. With a normal, healthy pregnancy women can birth safely and comfortably at home with a midwife. Countries with the lowest mortality and morbidity rates are those countries where midwifery is an integral part of obstetric care and where home birth is commonly practiced.

A 2-year study conducted by the U.S. Center for Disease Control indicates that a planned home birth with an experienced attendant is actually safer than or as safe as a hospital birth. In 1990 the World Health Organization joined together with the International Conference of Midwives to issue a statement that when midwifery was utilized for pregnancy and childbirth, outcomes for mothers and babies were more favorable. Together the two organizations urged all countries to offer midwifery education, confident that the increased availability of more midwives would improve birth outcomes throughout the world.

New Home Birth Study from the MANA Statistics Dataset Shows That Planned Home Birth with Skilled Midwives is Safe for Low-Risk Pregnancies...   CLICK HERE to read study. 

Who Can Give Birth At Home or Birth Center?
Any woman who is in good health can consider a home or birth centerbirth. Women who have a high risk medical history such as heart disease, early onset diabetes, or injury which has changed their pelvic shape, or who develop uncontrollable toxemia of pregnancy should be under the care of an obstetrician.

Consultations are FREE and required prior to being accepted on as a patient.  During your consult we will take basic medical and obstetrical history, discuss possible risk factors, advise on early pregnancy care, discuss practice and expectations from both patient and provider.

Service Areas include Lake, Orange, Seminole & Volusia Counties. 
In-Home concierge care is an added services, available based on patient load.